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Bun is a mischievous entity that came into existence and took the form of a bunny to gain your trust. Their goal is world domination through capitalizing on character goods of his face!

The Little Artist

Little Artist is bun's creator. She used to draw bun in her notebooks and diaries. Then, one day, bun came to life, and demanded that she help him gain domination through creating a character goods line.

Baby & Mini Buns

When bun splits themself off into smaller buns, you get baby buns! Baby buns have their own sentience and personalities, so you never know what you're going to get. Be careful, they bite. Baby buns can also branch off into even smaller versions of themselves, called the minis.

Wonderful the Tiger

Wonderful the Tiger is a friend to all! They have a bell in their tummy, so you can always hear when they're coming. They like to dance, but always trip on their own tail.

King o' Cats

One small fella to rule them all. The King o' Cats is a great ruler. He declares that there should be a government designated nap time at least several hours of the day.


Chovy is a funny little cat with a raccoon tail.. she's always dozing off into space. She minds her own business, and keeps to herself... you'll probably find her daydreaming somewhere, lost in thought.